Sheila Bautz
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If the toughest competition you face is your own high standard, you will inevitably become better at your game, whatever the game may be. 
~ Robert Herjavec
Sheila Bautz is a talented writer and artist with strong instincts. ​She is a freelance writer with The Leader Post and The Star Phoenix. Her articles have appeared across the nation, including in The National Post, as well as world wide. 

Due to her years studying the art of writing, her memoir manuscript (working title When Companies Kill) received a positive review from KIRKUSKIRKUS takes pride in their long standing reputation for being The World’s Toughest Book Critics. The manuscript’s published title is Walking The Cutline When Companies Kill, A Memoir  

KIRKUS's critics suggested Sheila Bautz's memoir for a similar read to the powerful book Radium Girls.  Sheila considers this high honor to be both humbling and surreal.  Read Radium Girls KIRKUS review here.
By invitation, Sheila is also a member of the International Golden Key Honour Society, which recognizes future leaders who are in the top 15% academically.

Continuing to study the art of writing and communication - as well as the fields of Psychology & Sociology - Sheila believes that no matter where a person is at in their career, they should never be satisfied with their work. There is always something to be learned and improved.

Sheila Bautz can be found on Google, Facebook & Twitter.

* All professional photographs of Sheila Bautz on this website were taken by the very talented Katgrins Photography in Saskatoon, SK.

Currently, Sheila is working on her book promotion, Wildlife Artwork and one of her Fantasy manuscripts for potential USA representation, with other creative options presenting themselves as well.    

Sheila's other works are at various stages of development and include a Historical Fiction, another Fantasy manuscript and a project compiling her poetic prose combined with her wildlife artwork as an education and healing tool for various forms of domestic violence and violence against women. Sheila plans to align with an organization that promotes education on domestic violence while dispelling commonly held myths, and donate a share of the proceeds from her poetic prose and artwork publication to aid with speaking out against various forms of suppression and violence against women and children.  
Photo of Sheila taken by Sheila's 10 year old son.

NOVEMBER 14 - 16, 2014,Sheila Bautz attended INSPIRE! Toronto International Book Fair with samples of her Wildlife Artwork, her Memoir/True Crime, Walking The Cutline When Companies Kill.  Please email her to inquire about her art and writing contract work.